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T. Jazelle, Natural Stone and Crystal Bracelets

Shop our selection of T. Jazelle bracelets made in Cape Cod -- some are available in our online store.  Each bracelet is crafted using genuine stones, & sterling charms.  There are so many choices of inspirational sayings, interests, hobbies, Family, Friends & more!! Stack your faves or find the perfect gift.  

Reach out anytime to ask for a suggestion, or to see if we have something specific in stock.

Tiffany Jazelle bracelets, T. Jazelle, sterling silver charm, beaded, natural stones
Blue crystal stretch bracelets, evil eye, love, CZ
infinity and beyond T. jazelle beaded bracelet, sterling silver charm, natural stone, infinity symbol
Colorful bracelets, unique, crystal, gemstone, one of a kind
crystal stretch bracelet, clear, love, evil eye, CZ, gold

We can ship anywhere in the U.S.

Reach out to us at 203.298.9062 or email

Click on bracelets below to enter our online store:

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